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Bella's Place

Menu Sampling


Buffalo chicken

Beef enchilada

Greek curry W/ seafood

Fresh vegetable

Margherita tapenade


Chorizo & lime

Avocado, cilantro & corn

Shredded chicken & cream cheese

Black bean & peppers

American burger taco


Latin sausage meatball w/ chutney

Italian meatball with tomato/cheese

Coconut lime shrimp skewer

Jerk chicken & peppers skewer

Seared tuna with wasabi peas

Bella's Specials

Buffalo chicken dip

Indian samosas with potato, peas & carrots

Deviled eggs with candied bacon

Butterfly baked potato

Grilled caesar salad with broiled cheese crisp


Ground beef or vegetable empanada

Mixed seafood ceviche

Crisp tostada with beans, chicken/beef

Lionfish cakes

Chorizo & bean soup

Spanish conconut rice & beans


Fresh hummus

Cheeseboard w/ nuts, dates & marmalade

Olive tapanade with warm bread

Bleu cheese & date crostini

Antipasto, caprese or greek salad

Baked falafel with yogurt dill sauce

Dessert Sampling

Coconut or chocolate meringue pie

Toasted coconut, chocolate drizzle pretzel

Cinna-Bella rolls

Coconut macaroons

Frozen bananas chocolate’

Pineapple delight w/ fresh whipped cream

.Peanut butter chocolate cheesecake

Warm nut bowl with toasted coconut

Sauces & Salsas

Cilantro or mint chutney

Black bean, corn, & mango salsa

Warm blackened salsa

Tabasco pepper sauce

Guacamole or refried bean dip

Fresh garden salsa

Casseroles & More

Smoked mac & cheese

Fettucine alfredo

Chicken bryan

Shepherd's pie

Beef stroganoff

Baked potato salad

Specialty Drinks

Homemade horchata

Lime iced tea

Ultimate bloody mary

Homemade kahlua & cream

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